Rapid social distribution of live event clip content is the core purpose of ClipSocial. CS allows you to own the viral moment as well as the audience that is built from your most timely and popular live event highlights. With the right creative prep, you can share key live moments within seconds of when they occur or go back and re-clip important segments quickly while they are still trending on social media.

The ClipSocial platform can be preloaded with an unlimited number of your social accounts. It provides built-in functionality to post to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, and established workflows to push content to Vine, Instagram and a growing list of popular social channels.

Approved clips can also be transcoded and delivered to your preferred cloud storage, FTP or private remote server locations. These delivery workflows can be automated for rapid distribution of content to your web team as well as outside media channels. Your content can also remain as a dynamic archive on the ClipSocial server, enhanced with text-searchability through our optional transcription service.